Sunday, February 19, 2012

Intelligence And Wisdom

Watching a movie yesterday,I stumbled upon a great explanation of intelligence vs. wisdom..

What I have seen in the stuttering community that all of us (including me) are intelligent-I mean really really intelligent when it comes to stammering.In blogs and stuttering groups and even in SHG's each and every one of us has all the right remedies to our stuttering problems,and the majority of them can be pretty helpful.You dont believe me ????? Just type a query regarding your problem in any of the stuttering group on Facebook and you will get like a hundred replies in an hour.

So if each and every one of us know so much,why are the majority of us still suffering ????? Thats because we are intelligent but lack wisdom.

Still confused ???? Okay let me put it in a simple way-All of us know jogging everyday in the morning has great benefits.This is knowledge.Actually jogging everyday is wisdom.Wisdom means practicing your knowledge in your real life.

You know that voluntary stuttering is good for you,but a wise person practices this in his life.He believes in his knowledge and makes it a part of his life.I can quote infinite examples like this but I guess you have got what i am trying to convey here.

And how to know yourself if you are wise or intelligent ?????? Just ask yourself a simple question-Am I really happy ???? The answer to this question is your answer will tell if you really are wise or just a wiki on stuttering.

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