Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Worlds Only Stuttering Female Standup Comedian (Part-4)

In the 4th segment of this interview series,Nina G tells us a bit about "The Comedians With Disability Act",a group of 4 comedians (including her) with different disabilities and how they educate the audience while making them laugh.

Next Up-An inspirational interview with Leys Geddes,Chairman of The British Stammering Association(BSA)

Worlds Only Stuttering Female Standup Comedian (Part-3)

When asked about the stuttering mindset,Nina explains how the much talked about stuttering mindset is actually the fluency mindset in which a stutterer tries to be fluent at any cost and tells us about the role of NSA in helping her get out of the "Fluency Mindset" and into the "Stuttering Midset"

World Only Stuttering Female Stand Up Comedian-Part-2

In this video,Nina G tells us about some of the key moments of her life as a person with a stutter,not to mention the hilarious small penis joke :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cracking The G.D.

I am writing this post based on my experiences in Group Discussions and this post is aimed at helping people who stammer be better prepared for Group Discussions during Job Recruitments.

The first and foremost wrong belief that you need to take out of your mind is that,you need to be fluent during your G.D.

G.D.s are not about being perfect-perfect in fluency,perfect in your English,perfect in your knowledge,NO,NO,Absolutely Not.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Biggest Strength-My Stammer

I have heard lots and lots of pws say this time and again that their stammer has been one of the biggest boons in life.I too,most of the times try to see the positive side of my stutter(which does exist,believe me) but yesterday was the day when I couldnt be more grateful to this disability.I am in my final year of engineering( branch- civil engineering) and in India in the final year,you have companies coming in to your college,conducting tests,group discsssions,interviews,etc and on that basis select the candidates.So what happened was that yesterday,a reputed company which does financial analysis for top firms came to our college looking for suitable caandidates.I being a civil engineer,had no interest in the company whatsoever.I also dont know anything about finance and stuff,and am a litle weak on the technological know-how as well.The company was open for all the branches of the college,that meant that competition would be very fierce as it was a dream company for most.

Worlds Only Stuttering Female Stand Up Comedian

Yeah,you heard that right !!!!  A female  standup comic who stutters. Her name is Nina G Comic and she hails from California. She is also a disability awareness educator and a member of the “Comedians with Disability Act”. You can watch her YouTube videos at the channel ninagcomic  .They are all hilarious. Here I present the first part of the interview that Nina G kindly gave for our blog.In this part she tells us about a bit about her life when she was in high school.