Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dont Back Out After You Corner Your Stammer

The one thing that I have observed about myself as a person who stammers is that whenever I have tried to make changes in my life and attitude about my stammering,my stammer has always increased manifold.It increases to such an altitude that I start to block even in comfortable situations and with relatively easy words.And needless to say it  shatters my optimism and I again go back to square one in my comfort zone.The end result is that ultimately all the efforts I put in go in vain and my progress comes to a standstill.But now I realize that this is a basic nature of our body.Our body doesn't like change.For it,change means danger and our body never wants to be in danger as this would threaten its existence.So,whenever we try to take steps for improving our stutter,our body goes to its maximum capacity to prevent that change so we dont venture out in the danger zone and be confined to the comfort zone that our body loves.To do this it increases our stammer manifold to make our rational mind believe that whatever we are doing is only making the situation worse and sooner or later we return to our original ways.In my view,this is one of the reasons why a person's stutter increases after he/she attends a  stammering workshop.Those 3 days of change is too much for the body to take and it goes to its full length to resist that change and the only way it knows to do that is to make the person's stutter worse.So,what exactly should you do when this happens to you.NEVER LOSE HOPE.Don't give in to your stammering and continue your fight without thinking about the results.Do what needs to be done.Don't be afraid of the beast after you have cornered him.Another question you might ask is that "Exactly for how much time will this cornered beast continue to fight me ?????" I don't know the answer for sure, but if you dont give in to your fear and keep on fighting persistently,then that day is much near than you think.

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  1. Yup Mate.
    You are right. My speech blocks increase when i try to be open about my stammer and corner it