Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stuttering Benefits(Part 1)-Yardstick to know who my real friends are

Hi everyone,from today I will be starting a new series called Stuttering Benefits in which I will be discussing things which I have got due to my stammer.I have spent years blaming it on how it has ripped me of various things( though 99% of the time I was just imagining things) but now I clearly see the various positive aspects of this disability.So here is the first benefit:-
Right from standard one i have had the most amazing(read awesome) friends.Some of them are still very much in touch.The ones which are not are mainly due to my own faut.I am not good (actually very bad) in maintaining long distance friendship.I never call my old friends(I know,I suck)Anyways,i used to believe that having such cool friends till date was purely due to luck.But today I feel it was due to my stuttering.It always had a huge role to play in influencing me to be close friends with someone or not.As is with most pws,I was always repulsed by a person who frequently made fun of my stutter and wanted to be friends with ones who liked me the way I was(stammer or no stammer).Hence stammering became sort of a criterion for me to choose who my real friends were whom I could realy trust.Today,I feel really really lucky to be surrounded by such friends who genuinely like me and would go well beyond their capabilitiesto help me.I still have very old friends calling me and actually calling me by every abusive word known to mankind for not calling them or meeting with them.I really am trying to change this bad habit of mine but I know deep inside that even if I don't they will still be the same friends they were years ago.I guess I got such valuable friends because of my stutter which helped to judge people properly.Thankyou MY STAMMER for this precious gift.

I would also urge every reader to write one stuttering benefit and share it with everyone.Till then see ya,i will be back with another stuttering benefit soon.

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