Sunday, July 17, 2011

Internet-The Best Tool For Recovery

As a recovering stutterer,the thing that without a doubt has been most helpful to me has been the world wide web.Let me explain it to you  precisely by telling my experiences with the net in terms of stuttering from about 6 months ago.I used to occasionally search for stammering cure on the net and this led to the my discovering the site and this proved to be the turning point of my life.Mind you,it wasn't like I went through the website and something radical occurred,the change was slow and gradual.The first time I visited the website I read various articles by other pws,some were motivating other pws to make a change in their life while some shared their experiences both good and bad.Then there was the comments section under each post in which other readers had the freedom to write whatever they thought of the article(Just like in this blog).For the first one month I didn't comment on any post even though I was reading every single article.This was due to my habit of not expressing myself even when inside I really wanted to and just be in my "comfort zone" .
Then once I had a query about a particular article which I thought would help me in my speech.So I wrote my query in comments under the name Dhruv(and not Dhruva Kathuria) as I didn't want to publicly acknowledge that I stutter.But the good thing from that day was that I was now frequently commenting even though not under my real name.I also kept visiting sites like stuttering hub,the stuttering brain,nsa and bsa sites and slowly all this started to make me more aware of my stammering,it wasnt just a bad habit like I earlier used to think.Then one day I took courage and made an account on blogger.When asked by the website what name should appear on my comments and posts,I chose my full name(as it appears now in my every post).I really felt like a big burden had been taken off my chest.I had started on the road to acceptance.Then in due course of time I thought that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to start my own blog which could be a two-way learning thing for both me and the people reading my posts.So that's when I started My Stammer and from that day till today there has been a huge change in my speech,my attitude and my life.After a few months of starting the blog and slowly getting out of the shell,I have now put up the blog on my facebook page,I am now having no shame to tell a person I stammer,I am undergoing a training programme to facilitate workshops for people who stammer and I am one of the co-coordinators of Self-Help Group of my region.Most of all I now express myself as I want to and don't allow the feared situations to play havoc in my life.All this because of the net.Also whenever I took a step forward,my stuttering mind-set always tried its best to stop me with all its might and was successful several times but still I bounced back(sometimes it took months to take the next step forward) but now I feel so awesome that I have no words to explain.So I urge everyone who is reading the post to comment on it(even as Anonymous) and start your journey to a better life.Your rational mind will feel that it is totally unnecessary(I thought that for two months) but believe me in due course of time you will see the difference in yourself and feel yourself opening up in the outside world as well.And plus your comments always motivate me to write more.See ya till next time !!!!!!!!

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