Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Big Decision

As a child,I didn't know about the various stuttering treatments available to the pws and just though it was all about speaking slowly .That's it.As I grew up and with the introduction of internet in my life,I became more aware about the vast research being done in this area.It wasn't just slow talk,it was much more than that.But the more i researched,the more confusing it became.There were a number of techniques available like -Fluency Shaping,Stuttering Modification,Neuro-Linguistic,Yoga,Meditation,etc.etc.So the big question was-How the hell was I going to decide what approach to follow.So this article is dedicated to help you decide which approach is the best for you.Here are a few pointers:-

1)Awareness-Being aware on what is going on in the stuttering world is very very important.You cant just jump to a decision to go to any speech therapist just because he is promising you a cure.So before even thinking about therapy,you should research what stuttering is all about and then read about all the approaches together with their advantages and shortcomings
.Then,with this knowledge in hands,contact the therapist and have a detailed conversation with him inquiring about the approach he will follow and what activities would be under taken both inside and outside the clinic.Don't just surrender yourself to him and give him the wads of cash.The more detailed the conversation,the better decision you would be able to make.

2)Know your problem-It is not just enough to say that I stammer severely,that's it.You should be aware of your physiological and psychological aspects of your stammer.To know exactly how you can do it visit this link where stuttering jack explains the stuttering scale and then visit this link to help you chose your therapy type according to your scale.

Now having chosen your approach,there are a few more pointers to make sure you can get the most out of the therapy:-
1)Only you can recover your stutter-The biggest mistake one can make during therapy is that he/she now doesn't need to do much work and it is the therapist's headache now,The therapist can just guide you and become your support system but its you who has to do all the work.Practicing the technique and then opening up to the outside world,that all depends on you.You have to help yourself.

2)You will fail a lot of times-The biggest thing that used to bother me(actually it still does) was the fear of failure.You need to understand that you will fail a million times before you can successfully apply a technique.Treat this process as a video game.You can't finish all the stages on the first try.You play,you die,you start all over,then die again,then start all over again.The same applies to stammering.You need to take it as a game and be prepared to start all over whenever you fail.

3)Make the process light-I always beat myself after a stuttering incident.This worsens the recovery process.Force yourself to be happy after an unsuccessful situation and it will slowly begin to work.The more relaxed you would be post a stuttering situation,the faster you will progress.

So,I hope I have been a little help to you in choosing the right therapy.See ya till next time !!!!!!!:-)


  1. Thx for your advice, they are really helpful ! I've been stuttering for my whole life, and today i've decided to help those who suffer from that disease. Here's my videoblog, where I talk about my stutter on camera : (i'm french, and my videos are in french of course !)

    Keep up with the godd stuff !

  2. Thnx Berenger,I have added your site to my blog list.YOu too keep up the good efforts!!!!:-)

  3. Thx Dhruva ! I've uploaded my very first video in english a few days ago, i'll do my best to post as many as possible !

  4. Thats Great,I actually wanted to tell you that you should post a few videos in english so that you can reach out to a wider audience,I will go check out your video now :-)