Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Suchit,The Rockstar

I am writing this article after watching the finale of Roadies 8,a youth based reality show broadcasted on MTV in India.Suchit was a contestant on this show who went on in the Finale.And yes,he stammers.I saw him stammering when he was being auditioned.The judges grilled him mercilessly on purpose to test him and seeing his character chose him on the show.Now Suchit had all the qualities of a general pws-he could easily be bullied,had low self confidence and had  few friends in the outside world.But as the show progressed,he turned out to be the best performer in any task given to him without fail.Whenever a challenge came his way he did it like he owned the arena.Now when you are that successful,people tend to find your weak point.In his case,finding one wasn't that difficult-some contestants began targeting his speech.Two other roadies who had been voted out of the show(also voted two biggest losers by popular demand),on their return began making fun of him by calling him "Chuchit" and imitating him. But the guy took it like a gentleman and didn't say much at that time.But on the task that followed,he beat both them so brutally that they lost the tiny little self respect they had left on the show.Throughout the show,he maintained his dignity and went on to the Finale.Though he didn't win the title,,all the contestants and the crew agreed that he was the only one who had earned respect on the show.On Facebook,he was voted as the people's choice Roadie.And when he didn't win the title with no fault of his own,8 of the other 10 contestants were in tears as they wanted him to win.The guy who had earlier made fun of him,hugged him,apologized to him and said "You are my brother".
Suchit also won a Hero Honda Karizma bike as an appreciation of his conduct and his efforts throughout the journey.So,all in all,he came out to be the most successful and dignified person of the show winning respect of his competitors,the show producer and all the viewers around the globe.
We give a lot of examples of famous people who stuttered like Winston Churchill,King George,etc but I believe that there is a lot to learn from this ordinary lad from a small town who rose above all inspite of his stammer


  1. i really cried after seeing his audition.. But hestood courageous and composed.. thumbs up and indeed a great inspiration for PWS like us.. Thanks Dhruva for this writing..

  2. Yeah,the audition was quite moving but I wish the producers had not edited out his stammering and showed his stammering on Tv,this would have helped to raise awareness on this subject and make people see stammering in a new light.Thanks for your comment Murali !!!!!:-)