Thursday, April 14, 2011

Its time to do some introspection

Most of the pws are forever complaining !!!!! Life is very hard,people make fun of me,people think I am  not confident,people do this people do that,and what not !!!!! Well I am not saying that there is no truth in this,it does hurt when people make fun of you and life does become pretty hard sometimes but you need to realize that u need to get out of the "I am the Victim mindset" and take control of your life.Lets take a few examples.

Life is hard when you stammer.-to be frank,no one has a perfect life,every one has his own baggage of problems ,if it wasnt stammering,it would have been something else,God gave you a problem in the form of your stutter but   might have taken away several problems he gave to millions of people(take poverty for instance).

People make fun of me-To see this objectively,a very very few people are jerks who might have made fun of you,you should concentrate on the majority who understand your problem and dont bias (positively or negatively) because you stammer.And even when someone does make fun of you,my advice would be to give him a piece of mind then and there itself,this would show your self-assertiveness and take you out of the "victim mindset" by letting you take control of the situation rather than just be silent and let the person make fun of you.

People think I am not confident-Well people are not fault here,you wont agree with me on this but its your own behaviour which makes people think that you are not confident enough.The reason-You stay silent when you should have made a valid point,you let people take you for a ride,you think a hundred times before saying something radical about a guy even when you know he deserves it,you never raise your voice.All this because You might stammer.I want to tell you something buddy,you are stammering anyways,so why not still stammer but do it confidently,Just listen to your heart and say what you want to without having second thoughts and you will see a miracle change in how people perceive you.

I hope I have been a little bit helpful to you guys.See you later!!!!! :-):-):-) 

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