Monday, March 21, 2011

Why we are not able to use a particular technique when its most needed !!!!

It really is frustrating,isnt it ???? You a know a particular technique is very helpful,you want to use it in stressful situations but you just cant !!! It happens with me a lot !! When in high stress situations I just lose control over self and it feels as if something has taken over and I am very helpless !!!! I cant do nothing else but stammer,no relaxation no prolongation,nothing !!! Due to this all of us feel that the technique is useless as we cant use it when it is most required !!! And we shun the technique thinking that it is not for us and start searching the net for some other miracle cure !!!! On the other hand we also know that the same technique has benefited a lot of guys and we think why its not helping us ???? 

I have some explanation based on my experience !!!! Anyone with a different one is welcome to write in comments.Okay, how many of you use the particular technique when you really dont need it,like when talking to a pet,when alone,with your parents,etc.In my case,I never use it when I dont have to !!!! So the technique  doesn't become second nature !!! As you dont use it in your daily life,it has not become a part of your system,so you cant expect it to help you when in distress as your body has not become familiar with it !!!! Your body is familiar with stammering,it knows that when in stressful situations,its stammering alone that can help you(I know you might find it weird but our sub-conscious mind thinks that stammering is actually helping us in stressful situations).So unless you use the technique all the time(I really mean all the time) you cant expect it too get you out of trouble.Look at it this way-You cant expect to swim in rapid waters until and unless you have practiced well in a calm pond !!!!

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