Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Speak a bit slowly-Its music to the ears(Daily Assignment)

I am not saying this from a stammering point of view but in general.I will give you a real life example-I have a friend(not a pws),he speaks as if his aim is to finish 5 sentences in one breath.Most of the time we ask him to repeat what he is saying,as sometimes it becomes a mammoth task to understand him.Nobody likes talking to him,he is fluent,but its like listening to cacophony.On the other hand I have a school friend who speaks so calmly and without rush,I personally love talking to him.He is an ass in behavior for sure,but still it is a pleasure conversing with him.From a stammering point of view,it is the best technique if used in everyday life as it gives your vocal chords the time to relax.So why not speak slow ???? You will probably be saying"Yeah right !!!You dont think I know that already."I agree it is stammering technique101,but it is very difficult,trust me I have been trying it for so many years,but now I realize one can only speak slow if he first practices in non feared situation.So from today,you have to start speaking slowly for a minimum duration and we will increase this duration slowly.( but do not speak robotically beware).Today you will speak slowly for 1 hour during the day spanning the whole day in 15 minute intervals.I am starting it from today,I hope you will join me and support me.

PS-I will advise you to put alarms or reminders on your phone so as to ensure you dont forget and successfully complete the task.Adios !!!!!


  1. i wil join u...but there is lot of fear inside me n i work on dat but whenever i speak to superior body my body bcms out of control...prety much depresed

  2. See Ankit,at the moment dont consider your stammer to be a failure,but avoiding talking to a superior person is a sure shot failure.The fact that you are going and talking to superior persons regardless of how you speak is a success in itself.And feeling depressed does you no good,just see every talk as a learning experience and you will do fine,I too stammer very much in front of superior persons but I never get depressed now because I know how much harm it has provided me in the past.stammering is a habit you have harbored since childhood probably,you need to give yourself time and dont lose faith in self no matter how much time it takes,and if you constantly keep on going in feared situations,it may take a long time but you will see the benefits.You are progressing if you are constantly trying,it may not have come to the surface(i.e. in your speech) right now,but it will come soon.But if you stop trying and drown in self pity then all your efforts till now will be in vain.Failure occurs when you stop trying,always remember that.