Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some things are just too special to allow fear to ruin them !!!!!

Hi all,the reason there was no blogging on my part for the past three days was that I was in IIT Roorkee where me and a friend of mine were to present a paper(We came third by the way).After that we went to Rishikesh where we had planned to do water rafting on The Ganga !!!!(Its an awesome place,do visit it when you have the time) !! I dont know how to swim but the life jackets make sure that you stay afloat !!!Only one more friend of mine was a non-swimmer,the rest knew very well how to swim !!! During a water rapid(this is a place where you experience the thrill of rafting),our instructor told us that we could jump in the rapid while holding on to the rope!!! Now the swimmers had no problem,but me and my friend looked at each other,he had no intention of going,I on the other hand was not able to make a decision as my fear was holding me back.When about half the rapid was over,I just said "Screw it,I am going !!!! "and I jumped while holding on the rope and that experience was the best one in the entire excursion !!!! Then came a point where we had to jump in the water from a very high cliff !!!! As I looked down from the cliff,my whole body froze and I wasnt in control anymore,I just couldnt move,I had lost control on my body !!!! I was just going to give up (like 2 other friends of mine) when I heard  a person who had just jumped, screaming with excitement and I thought "Am I going to ruin the awesome experience just because my fear is holding me back ???? Hell no !!!!" And I jumped !!! Those 3 seconds were one of the best 3 seconds of my life !!!!!I climbed again and looked down,same fear tried to overcome me but now I was much more stronger and was in control and I jumped again !!!!! Again the adrenaline rush was amazing !!!! As I came to the shore I saw the faces of the 2 friends who didnt jump,I could see guilt written all over their face just because they failed to do what all of us had done and missed the exciting opportunity !!!!!

Now why I am telling you this !!!!! Just take a moment and think that how many wonderful experiences in  your life you have failed to enjoy just because you were too afraid you will be exposed !!!!!! How many times you stayed silent when you really wanted to speak ????? How many times you let people take advantage of you just because of your fear ????? How many times you kept silent even when you knew that you were right ???? How many times you were nervous when all others around you were having a lot of fun ???? And finally how many times have you allowed your fear to ruin what could be the most memorable moments of your life ????Some things in life are just too special to allow fear to ruin them !!!! You can either take control and enjoy or you can let fear control you and be guilty later !!! Its your choice  !!!!!

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  1. Fear is only the root cause of stamerng....if fear is diminished then stamerng is there or nt it dosnt maters....but i can asure u dat there wil no stamrng in dat care....LETS OVERCM OUR FEARS by going to atleast one situation daily wher v fear...