Sunday, March 27, 2011

On The Lighter Side ( Part 3)

This is a continuation of the series where we try and see the lighter side of our stutter and chill out !!!!!

The first incident was posted by a reader of the blog and a good friend of mine.His name is Windstorm.

a)This is my experience regarding stammering.

I was having an evening walk once and my wallet fallen and I did not even notice it. But a girl saw it and stopped me and handed my wallet to me and told to take good care of my wallet.
I was happy and relaxed that it was not lost.
While she handed me my wallet , I wanted to say her "Thank you".
But I don't know why but I just stuck on word "Th.........."
And she was waiting for me to speak. And for me it was "th-th-th-th-th-th" instead of "thank you". And after waiting for few seconds, she just left smiling. I am sure her smile was not as a part of "fun-making" of my stammer.
And may be she may be knowing I wanted to say "thank you" but just could not get it out from my mouth. :D

She must have been aware that I do have manners of greeting. If I did not try to say "thank you" then she might have thought the opposite.

I said "thank you" in my own way !!!!!!

From Russ Hicks
Several years ago I became convinced that one of the best "advertising" techniques to help me to begin to talk openly about my stuttering would be for me to post the famous NSP "If You Stutter, You're In Good Company" poster prominently on the wall in my office at Texas Instruments where I work. The poster has pictures of some famous stutterers, Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, Marilyn Monroe, and six others of notable history. It certainly is an admirable work of art.
Lots of people come in my office and it would help to break that thick ice of denial I had so carefully built up over the years. So with a great deal of anxiety, I put the poster up.
The next day I was talking on the phone when one of my crazier coworkers walked into my office. As I talked on the phone I saw him look at the poster. My phone call customer droned on and on while Wayne kept reading the poster with great interest. I thought the phone call would never end and good ole Wayne read every single word on that great poster. (And there are a LOT of words on it! I'm not sure if I'VE even read them all!) In any event, as the call dragged on and on, Wayne devoured every last detail of that poster, probably more carefully than any person on the face of this earth ever has. I've never seen such concentration.
Finally after an eternity, my caller finished and hung up. My heart was pounding in anticipation of the coming conversation. What was I going to say? How would he react? My heart was literally in my throat. Finally I spoke...
"W-W-Wayne," I stuttered. "What do all those p-p-p-people have in c-c-common?"
He looked at me, then back at the poster, then back at me. "They're all dead."
I nearly doubled up in laughter and Wayne, always loving a good punch line - especially his own - did too. When sanity finally returned to the office, we wiped the tears from our eyes and agreed that stuttering was EVENTUALLY fatal. But we did really talk about stuttering. He said, hell, he and everyone else in the office knew I stuttered, and it wasn't a big deal. But that, yes indeed, he really had read that poster very carefully and had learned a lot. And he thought it was cool. To this day, it hangs in the place of honor staring people in the face whenever they first walk into my office.

I hope you could learn something from these real life experiences and feel free to keep on posting your experiences on the lighter side . I promise I will post them !!!!
See u later !!!!!

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