Friday, March 4, 2011

On The Lighter Side ( Part 2)

Well this is the second post of the series where we see the humorous side of stammering to de-sensitize ourselves and not take stammering very seriously.

a)This is an incident which was posted by one of the followers of the blog(Abhishek):
One day when i was in 11th standard, i was wishing my teacher "good morning sir". But end up with "gooooooooooooooooooo" and from that day my friends use to call me googuuugaga. Earlier i took it seriously but now i have found out the funnier part behind it.

b)This happened to me when during my 5th semester exams.I have the habit of drinking Red Bull during exams as it boosts up my concentration.But I red is one of my hardest words(or so do I think).So when I went to the shopkeeper to say red bull I stuck on red so bad that my whole body started shaking.The shopkeeper said to me"Dude ,atleast dont drink alcohol during exams,you are so wasted" !!!!!

c)From Silvano Colombano
This is a real story. I was the last of a long series of speakers at a briefing. I started my talk as follows:
I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that I am the last speaker, the bad news is that I am a stutterer ... so who knows how long it's gonna take..!
I really want to congratulate Abhishek for taking a step towards de-sensitizing himself.I request others to follow him.I know it is difficult but once you get past this small hurdle of seriousness you will see a change in yourself -a change which will  lead you to a better life.So,waiting eagerly to hear your funny incidents.

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  2. thanks dhruv.I have really improved and i can see the change in my attitude and the confidence which now i get while speaking...


  3. You can make one more post under lighter moments criteria. :)
    This is my experience regarding stammering.

    I was having an evening walk once and my wallet fallen and I did not even notice it. But a girl saw it and stopped me and handed my wallet to me and told to take good care of my wallet.
    I was happy and relaxed that it was not lost.
    While she handed me my wallet , I wanted to say her "Thank you".
    But I don't know why but I just stuck on word "Th.........."
    And she was waiting for me to speak. And for me it was "th-th-th-th-th-th" instead of "thank you". And after waiting for few seconds, she just left smiling. I am sure her smile was not as a part of "fun-making" of my stammer.
    And may be she may be knowing I wanted to say "thank you" but just could not get it out from my mouth. :D

    She must have been aware that I do have manners of greeting. If I did not try to say "thank you" then she might have thought the opposite.

    I said "thank you" in my own way !!!!!!

  4. Ydhruva ji hv stopd blogng frm last fw days. m a bg fan of ur blohng...plz continue it..thanks

  5. Yeah Ankit I know,actually I was pretty busy on the weekend,I will make up for it by posting more this week,good to see you like my blog,also call me just dhruva