Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Toastmaster Experience (2nd meet)

Well as I told you earlier,I had volunteered to tell a joke this time.So,I went up to the stage,and yet again stuck on good afternoon(its really irritating but  I will keep on trying).But I told the rest of the joke really well.And I didnt just tell the joke,I also enacted it.The joke was-
Two guys are standing in front of an atm.The first one is entering his atm code.The second guy says-Hey dude,I saw your atm code,I know it is ****.The first guy says-No fool,it is not ****,it is 5421.
I really delivered it well.Then came the table topic contest.I didnt really speak well there.First of all the topic was very hard.I really started out confidently but then got lost up in the middle.But still I spoke for 2 minutes(the max time was 2 min 30 sec),much more than others.
So,what did I learn from the meet.First of all maintaining eye contact really helps.Second the louder I speak,the more confidence I get.The moment I get stuck on a word,if I dont close my eyes then the block is of very less duration but the moment I close my eyes and start forcing out,the block is very long.So,I will really aim to avoid blinking my eyes and speak as loudly as possible.I also want to release the block easily instead of forcing out.I really find that hard to do.So anyone out there with a suggestion is most welcome to comment.
But stammer or no stammer I feel really good after every meet,I really do !!!!!


  1. dhruva ji y nt u try bouncng n u sud act while speakng as a realy bad speakr...den ur fear n al those negativ feelngs ll cm down....never try to b fluent 4 atleast 2 mnths....this is my view..i may b wrong bt do try dis if u like it...

  2. Again dhruva ji,call me just dhruva yr,I am just 20 years old (for crying out loud),well though I have tried my hand on voluntary stuttering,I have never practiced bouncing.Reason- I never repeat the first syllable while stammering,my blocks are always silent,I plan to do some experiments till this months end and if nothing works I will try bouncing as well. Thanx for the advice and remember, just dhruva no dhruva ji:-)

  3. Why didn't u use techniques other than bouncing..???

  4. Like what techniques !!! well right now I am trying to improve my speech the authentic way !!! And the joke delivery was actually very good,2 people even said that I delivered it very well !! The problem was in table topic because you need to think on the spot and trust me it is not easy !!But in my joke delivery I maintained eye contact and used pauses !! I really want to avoid other techniques for now !!!! My focus right now is not let fear take over because the more I let my fear take over the more I lose control !!!!! I never stammer with my family because at that time I am in full control,I am aiming to maintain the same control outside !!!!!