Thursday, March 24, 2011

The more you progress the more will be your expectations !!!!!!

I am writing this post for three reasons.First a friend of mine and a follower of this blog (Rajesh) asked me two days ago-How much have you improved on the speech front ???? Then a few days back I had someone write in comments that he was improving but he is pretty depressed as sometimes things go pretty much out of hand.Then the last reason(major one as well)-I was going through a blog of a pws today which I can say was pretty de-moralizing.Actually I became uncertain about my future for a moment or two :-).I really wish he can change his mentality a bit.

Its human nature to expect more out of oneself as one keeps progressing.Its a human tendency to never be satisfied.If you speak well to a friend,you expect yourself to speak fluently to a stranger,if you are able to do that then you expect yourself to speak effortlessly with your boss,and whenever you fail in this hierarchy,you dont look at your past achievements but just see your failure to perform to your so called expectations. I too do that a lot but now I come out of that self loathing quicker than before because I know from experience that not only does this depression harm my speech,it also ruins the mood of me as well as others around me.So how can you really know "How much have you improved"???? Its simple.Compare yourself now to what you were lets say one month ago.Write down the habits you have improved, the new habits you have formed,the steps you have undertaken and the difference in your attitude in this one month.And if you have sincerely tried then you will be amazed at how much progress you have made and you will actually be proud of yourself. So go ahead, write it down and get the true picture !!!!!!

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