Thursday, March 10, 2011

ME !!! ME !!!! ME !!!!!

The inspiration to write this post came as I was going through some of the comments on various posts of a particular website.Many pws(by many I mean almost every) feel that God has wronged them.We believe that we have an excessive amount of problems because of our stammer and are either submerged in self pity or take to distancing ourselves from others.Whether it is giving an interview for a job,asking out a girl or just talking with someone,we feel that all our problems our due to our stammer.We keep on thinking"Life would be so great if I didnt stammer"!!! Its all about me and my hypothetical big problems !!!But just take a moment and think !!!! How many people in this world if given a chance would want to be you ????? The answer is billions and billions of people !! More than half of the populations daily goal is to have enough food for themselves and their family to survive for the day.And you say you are the cursed ones.I have seen rickshaw-wallahs sweating out from morning till night just to earn Rs 100 !!!! And you complain you have problems in getting a job !!!!There are people who are born deaf and dumb,people who have no legs-they cant even move without help and you are the one complaining that somebody made fun of you(And face it,it happens like once in a month)!!!!What will happen if you tell them that they could get everything you have,but they will just block while speaking sometimes !!!! Will they say no ???? No my friend,they will dance around in joy and thank God for his kindness !!!! I myself have been like this until a few weeks back,just thinking Why God did this to me ??? God has given us everything,come to think of it,even more than we deserve !!! But still instead of being thankful,we curse him and we start to develop a sense of hatred towards ourselves as well as others around us !!!!  So open your eyes and see the reality and start counting your blessings !!!And if you have trouble doing that-Just go out and see a 3 year old begging for a one rupee coin and then try telling yourself that you have been wronged !!!!!


  1. inspirational post man....ur right ,,we should count our blessings and look at the positives,but 4 most people ,the embarrassment and social and functional impairment are too much to digest,,and this causes a great deal of anger in them towards society,god, and themselves....
    and that ques is the ultimate one that no one has answer to ,('why did god do it to me'..)....

    nice try....buddy

  2. Thanx JD,I am glad you liked it !!!!

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