Monday, March 7, 2011

Its High Time We Start Taking Some Action(Daily Assignment-1)

Its almost a month since I have started blogging. I have written about 25 posts telling you about the various do’s and don’ts about stammering.I have shared stories with you,told you my past experiences and some basic facts.But there is one thing which I feel is still missing in my blog.And it is kind of the most important thing.Without this you can read every single word on stammering but still make no progress.That thing is action.All my blogging is futile if we don’t start doing some activities to improve ourselves.So from today we will all be performing some goals together which will help us a lot in our struggle to become better communicators.I will be posting goals almost everyday and we all will perform those goals.There will be no ifs and buts.Because if we don’t put to use what we learn then all this is just a waste of time.

Disclaimer-A lot of the goals will be from a book called Easy Stuttering by Sheehan which I read on scribd.So I am not taking credit for the design of the goals.I am just helping myself and others with the contents of the wonderful book.

Maintaining Eye contact
Points to keep in mind
Before starting to speak you have to make sure that you look in the eyes of the speaker and then start talking.You have to look in the eye of the listener even when you stutter and not look away.Try hard not to blink the eyes.Even if you stutter,it is okay.Just look in the eyes of the listener
Today write down the names and eye-colors of 3 people with whom you stutter
For 5 minutes,read in front of the mirror and maintain eye-sight and notice yourself
Write down 5 words you stuttered on while maintaining eye-contact
(To be done in the course of 5 days-Use your name with good eye-contact with 5 different people)

So if you are interested in joining me in my daily practice,just e-mail me and we will tread on the path of success together.And even if you are not still ready to do these daily goals,it is okay and natural.But whenever you feel you are ready just let me know.
I will also be posting the results of my daily assignments here and I encourage you to make a record for yourself as well
As always,I would love your comments and if you want to contact me,my e-mail id is


  1. thats a gr8 idea.. .we sud b making weekly nd daily goals n try to achieve them....n then share wat v felt durng d coarse n hw v cn impruv....dis ll wrk..definetly...

  2. i'm ready 4 d assignment dhruv...

  3. You are 100% right, Dhruva. We need to tell the world about stammering, because we can't expect someone else to do it for us. People who don't stammer don't truly understand how it affects a life and, because they don't stammer, they don't demonstrate what the problem is. Yes, I'm sure that we all want to improve our fluency but, even if that's not possible, we shouldn't allow our stammers to stop us from communicating and trying to overcome the many misconceptions.