Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If you really want something,no-one can deny that thing to you !!!!

I had this thought yesterday as I was thinking about my school life and other such stuff.When I was in 4th standard,my mother wnted me to learn to play piano,I hated it but still had to attend lessons( as a kid,your parents can make you do whatever they want to :-)) I could never really play it inspite of attending lessons for two months and finally my parents called it quits !!!!

In standard 8th I developed love for soccer !!!! I remember my legs used to ache like hell ,I used to be exhausted at the end of the day !!!! I twisted my ankle twice !!!! But nothing could stop me because of my love for the game!!!!

Since childhood my handwriting was one of the worst in the class !!! It used to bother my parents as well as teachers but I never cared about it !!! They made desperate attempts to make me improve my handwriting but to no avail !!!! Then when I was in 11th standard,I closely saw one of my friends writing and liked it very much !!! Without anyones help I started to try and write like that !!!! I remember I used to write pretty slow and my knuckles used to hurt as if they had been hit by a ruler !!!! But I was happy to see myself writing like that !!! Slowly my speed improved and the pain started to lessen and today its all gone !!!!! I cant even write in my old style now !!!!

So to sum up,to learn a new habit you need to develop a deep desire to excel in it !!!! The desire should not be superficial but every cell in your body should want you to achieve it !!!!! There should be no retaliation from your mind !!!!! And  your body  will struggle as you make changes dont give in to these struggles keeping your goal in focus !!!!!Also if you want to become a better communicator just because of some reasons like getting a job,be more accepted,etc. then stop trying ,your efforts will be futile !!!! Only when your inner conscious really wants you to change,only then you will be able to move forward !!!! Take my word for that !!!!

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  1. great wrk dhruva ji..,realy inspired by that bt do u think instead of using speech techniques hw mch v sud practice at home like slow reading and read words at high pitch etc....

  2. Ankit,I will start deleting your posts if you continue to add "ji" at the end of my name:-)See Ankit you know your stammer better than anyone in the world,in case you dont then the first step you need to take is to monitor yourself when you block.Then you need to do hit and trial of all the techniques available to you ,but these techniques take time to show affects,they are not like taking pills,you need to be patient and give the particular technique some time,and if it works well then stick to it,if not,discontinue it !!!!!!