Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If you don't take any action,you have no right to complain !!!!!

Until 2 months ago,all I did(about my stutter) was to complain and feel sorry for myself. I sometimes even used to cry thinking how God had wronged me.The rest of the time was spent on the internet searching for a miracle cure or just going through stuttering blogs and sites.I used to try to read every single thing about stuttering(probably trying to find a miracle cure or technique which will cure me in a day) but still didn't do anything with that knowledge.Needless to say,I kept going downhill.

The point I am try to make here is that for making a change in your life,you need to get your act together.This is the only way.There is no miracle cure or a 8 minute video that you can see(yeah,you guessed right,I am talking about the "Kill your Stutter" scam) and get cured.You need to go out and do things which will help you become a better communicator.And by this,I dont mean that I want you to climb on the stage and talk in front of 500 people.By action I mean anything no matter how little it is, which will take you one step forward to success.It can be anything like rading a book aloud,talking to a stranger on the road,meditation or any other thing which you feel will benefit you.
A champion marathon runner doesnt wake up every morning and starts day dreaming to become a champ nor does he attempt to break the record time on the first day.He gets hiss ass on the track every morning and starts running.He runs till his muscles are sore and then he runs some more.And he continues his efforts till he reaches his goal improving little by little each day.
And in case you dont have courage to do anything about your stutter,you are too ashamed to practice or are just too lazy then I am sorry you dont have the right to blame anyone or feel sorry for yourself.

So you can start taking action or you can wait for the miracle day.Its your call !!!!!

PS-Because of my stutter,I have made a new friend Bobby who like me has just started blogging about his stammer.Do visit his blog-http://stutterstep.blogspot.com/.The guy writes from the heart and has a good sense of humor.I also want to thank him for posting a link of "My Stammer" on his blog.So,do check his blog out.

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