Saturday, March 19, 2011

Heard a lot about meditation-So why not try it out

I have read a lot about the benefits of meditation on hundreds of sites but never really gave it a serious thought but now I believe its time I started it !!!! I wont to do it for the purpose to cure my stammer but just to calm self and be healthier more mentally and physically !!!! Right now all I know is to breathe deeply and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling to be more aware in the present moment and exhibit more control on self !!!! So anyone who intends to start it ,now is the right time !!!! Anyone out there with any useful information about meditation is welcome to share with the group !!!

PS-To reap the benifits of meditation you need to do it atleast for 20 minutes ,its scientifically proven !!!!!

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  1. Good.
    It enriches ones life and also gives good breathing practices