Monday, March 7, 2011

Counting your success and failures !!!!!

In doing your daily assignments I also want you to count your successes and failures as you go.But fluency doesn’t mean success and stammer doesn’t mean failure.Sheehan has described this as follows-

Establish eye contact before beginning to speak.
Monitor well(observe exactly how you stutter)
Stutter,but bring the sound in immediately
Stutter Forward
Stutter with good eye contact
Go out of the way to enter a situation especially for your speech
Put the hardest word first in the sentence
Complete any feared word you started
Choose feared words instead of easy words
Mention your stuttering casually without shame
Stutter without one or more of your tricks
Cancel any failure

Substitute(I do that a lot)
Look away,up or down during a block
Use a starter
Stop halfway through a block
Do not have sound in the block(I do that a lot)
Back up and start over
Ruin an open stuttering assignment with fluency immediately afterward
Cover up your stuttering successfully
Stall a long time before entering a situation
Try to talk fluently at any cost
Show embarrassment which puts your audience  ill at ease
Perform an assignment half-heartedly
Respond quickly and automatically to every little pressure in the situation(i.e.without pausing and taking your time)(I do that a lot)
Give yourself the benefit of the doubt
Use a crutch to get the word out.

Well,I know it is a long list but I want you take some time and memorize both the success list and the failure list.Because you can improve only if you know every point.Although you need to note the failures in passing but your main focus should be on expanding the success list.For today I am aiming for a minimum of 30 successes.You can choose your own target.So best of luck,I will be posting the goals for today soon !!!! 

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