Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are You the Peon or the Servant ???????

I have a pet German Shepherd Dog.He is a typical German Shepherd ,big strong and fearless(sometimes he looks like a lion to me :-) ) .Now, he is very loyal to me and my family and hasn't once been even slightly angry with us(as is the case with most pet dogs)The one thing that I have observed about him is that he can sense a person's feelings .Whenever a person comes to our house his reaction is very different based on person to person.Well,he never allows a person to come inside if nobody else from my family is present.But even if we are present with him he still doesnt let some people inside while with some he has absolutely no problem.He just sniffs them and goes away.
Let me give an example-The peon working at my dad's office has never once entered our house thanx to my dog.He just doesnt let him enter.The reason-The peon is just too afraid of him.No matter how much we tell him that the dog wont do anything to him,his fear doesnt go.My dog senses this fear and becomes more ferocious at him.Now we also have this new servant at home who has just joined work.When the first day he came,we said the same thing and he trusted us and just went in straight to the dog with no fear and let the dog sniff him.Today,the dog wags his tail like crazy whenever the servant comes home.They even play a lot together.The peon even now just hands the stuff from the gate itself,never coming inside.

I think you already have got the point I am trying to make.My dog is similar to your stammer and the person at the gate is you .Some of you have shunned your fear and got past the gate and now enjoying and playing with the dog while the majority of you are still gripped in fear which is making your stammer more ferocious day by day.And what is this gate-this gate is Acceptance !!! And despite several people making assurances (including me)that it is okay to accept your stutter,your fear still prevents you from opening the gate and come into a brand new world.
So,which person are you right now ???? Are you the peon at the gate being barked at by the dog or are you the one inside playing and having fun !!!!!

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  1. wat a good article i realy luvd dat....BUT one thing is in my mind dat i decide to use bouncng outside but nt able to implement in market places or outside...PLZ HELP ME..¡¡¡¡¡¡

  2. See you have to start using bouncing on non feared words first.There is no sense if you just use it on feard words because then you are not de-sensitizing yourself you are just using bouncing as a tool to get past that certain block !!! First use bouncing on non-feared words i.e. the words you can speak with no difficulty.Then move on to feared words.And if you have joined an shg you can use bouncing more often there as well to get the hang of it !!!!!