Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why most Speech Therapies are not effective ????

I undertook speech therapy around 3 years ago in an attempt to cure my stutter.I did wonderfully in the therapist’s office but couldn’t replicate my speech in the outside world.I was totally confused at that time.Needless to say I lost interest in the therapy and went back to  square one.But today I know the reason.
At therapy,I was totally accepted and hence my anxiety level was zero.But when outside,I was anxious like hell.When in therapy,my therapist concentrated only on the fluency shaping techniques but did nothing on the emotional front.My sub-conscious mind, which had been trained for so many years to force me to stutter,remained as it is.So,when I was outside talking to people, my subconscious mind used to take control and all the speech techniques failed.
Till date,I have not met a fully recovered pws who has eliminated his stutter on a long term basis just by speech techniques.So,if your therapy just deals with speech techniques and nothing else then I would advise to not go for it.You may get initial gains,but in the long run,relapse is sure to follow.

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