Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who is the one person in this world you find the hardest to please ?????

Well this is a question which can have many answers.The usual answers are-my parents,my elder brother,a friend of mine,my boss and what not.But for a pws the answer is not hard to figure out.In some cases the answer may not be known even to the pws himself but if he/she thinks hard enough then I am sure most of them will arrive at the same answer.I am confident most of you have guessed it by now.It is the pws himself.
Some pws might not be ready to accept it,but for most of us this is the truth.Nothing we do is good enough for us.For many this might only be applicable in the speech department but if I take my case,I used to have problem with every single thing about me(height,health,intelligence,etc) and dont even get me started about how much I used to complain about my speech.e.g.-I would talk with a friend with minor blocks and then after that I would never look at the part where I was 99% fluent but on the 1% on which I stammered.There used to be days when I simply used to hate myself.This attitude obviously created more problems for me.
What I want to say is that if you dont love yourself then how can you accept others to love you.God made you for a reason,dont question it.This is where acceptance comes into action .Just accept yourself for who you are  and instead of complaining and hating yourself spend that time in personal improvement by taking part in constructive activities.Just by doing this little thing,you will slowly begin to see a big change in your life(and of course your fluency).Take my word for that.Dont be the person who hates you the  most but be the one who cant get enough of you.


  1. rightly said. I also have the same problem like you. I hate myself but i promise that after reading this i will really work hard to change my attitude towards myself and try to work on my weaknesses.

  2. Best of luck and be patient with yourself !!!!!

  3. This is one of most singled out question which haunt most of the people (including non PWS) leaving a few wise one. This is the maniac human desire that craves for the perfection in every possible department with or without doing the needful. In case of a PWS who is embroiled in his own personal struggles keeps on fixing either himself or people from his own heredity for his plight.