Friday, February 25, 2011

Recognition-Your first step to a better life !!!!

Imagine a scenario !!! A man comes to a hospital complaining about chest pains.The doctor instantaneously calls for emergency and performs a heart surgery and the man is not able to make it.Later it was discovered that the man had a minor indigestion .
So what was the mistake of the doctor ?????He sprung into action without recognizing the problem and this led to a disaster.!!!!
So,as a pws,do you know what is your problem which you are trying to solve or are you just springing into action.You will probably be saying-"Duh!!! I know what my problem is !! I stammer !!!"But this is like saying that a person suffering from a heart cancer has a disease. This is one of the reasons why speech therapies fail .They treat every pws alike and apply the same techniques with everyone.I believe every pws stammer is different and the emotions involved with it are also different. Hence,a technique that works for one pws may not work with the other.

Now how to recognize your problem ??? Its simple.Take a pen and paper and write down the habits and things about your thinking that you want to change !!! Dont hurry,do take your time.
Here's a list of my behaviours and emotions:
1)I always block silently to hide my stutter
2)I close my eyes sometimes when stuttering
3)I want to speak everything in one go.I think pausing means disfluency
4)I try to force through a block when I know it only worsens the situation
5)I stutter,like,7-8 times in a day but think about it an awful lot.
6)I judge myself too much from the eyes of others

Though I have tried to include everything in this list,but still there can be something missing which I am not aware of..So whats the advantage of preparing the list.First,you recognize what your real problem is .Second,by doing this,you have divided a once seemingly big problem called stammering into many small parts and you can start concentrating on these parts individually and hence start dismantling your stammer.So,make your list and recognize your problem.Take the first step required !!!!!

Ps-I wont force you to post your list on this blog,but if you do,you will automatically take another important step-Acceptance in front of the whole world !!!You may not be ready now(and its okay),but when you are,my blog is always there for you !!!!

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