Thursday, February 24, 2011

On The Lighter Side( A New Series In The blog)

I always used to be pretty serious  about my stutter.I couldnt tolerate anyone even talking with me about my stutter. I couldn't  bear to see movies with my friends in which actors stuttered.But now I feel I am ready to desensitize myself by seeing the lighter side of stuttering  and enjoy any humorous situation which happens due to my stutter and share with everybody.Right now I cant think of any humorous incident that happened to me(believe me I am thinking very hard) but I will post  incidents shared by various pws on a  particular  internet site(I dont remember the name of the site) which are actually a bit funny.I like these 3 incidents the best.

Shared by Ira Zimmerman, August 12, 1996
When I was in therapy at the UCLA Clinic for Stutterers, we used to go to a nearby village to practice our voluntary stuttering on the village merchants.
The aim of voluntary stuttering was to build up our tolerance and acceptance of stuttering.
I approached the box office of the local movie theater to work on my voluntary stuttering.
I said to the pretty young woman selling tickets, "I-I-I am a st-st-st-st-st-st-st-st-stutterer."
She looked me right in my eyes and said, "It's still going to cost you $3.50!!"

Shared by Ira Zimmerman, August 12, 1996
When I was hired to be a technical consultant on the NBC-TV series "Quantum Leap", I was paid $100/hour to work with the actors and screenwriter on portraying stuttering in a positive and clinically accurate way.
After completing my job and with 85 billable hours at $100/hour, I dropped by the Producer's office to present him with the bill and thank him for the job. He looked at the bill and told me that he learned an awful lot from me. I responded by asking him exactly what did he learn from me. The Producer leaned back in his chair, thought for a moment, took a deep puff on his cigar and said, "Ira, I've learned that hereafter when I hire a Stutterer, I won't pay him by the hour."

The following incident about Billy Lorraine, a vaudevillian who stuttered, is from George Burn's 100 years/100 Memories and was submitted by Marty Leisner.
Once, when we were playing the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles and living in the Continental Hotel, I went to get my hair cut. In those days, I had some. When I got back to the hotel, Billy rushed up to me, all excited. I could see he had news for me.
He said, "W-W-W-W"
"Yeah, yeah, go on Billy"
He couldn't go on. I said "OK, start over".
"We got a job?" I took a shot -- "We" starts with a "w".
He shook his head negatively.
"So what is it Billy?" I pleaded.
Again: "W-W-W-W"
I said "Sing it, Billy, sing it"
And clear as a bell, he sang "We were just robbed".

 The object of the series "On The Lighter Side"( I have even copied the this name from the site,I hope they wont sue me) is too see the lighter side of everything,not just stammering.We,pws tend to be very serious all the time about our stutter. Why cant we see the humorous side of things.This series is intended to desensitize  you about your stutter and in the end leave a smile on your face  I would request anyone who remembers a humorous incident about his stutter to share with the group,just write in comments or e-mail me at,I will surely put it up on the blog.

I would be only be able to continue this series if I get some contribution from your side !!! So come with me ON THE LIGHTER SIDE,I promise you will have fun !!!!! 

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  1. one day when i was in 11th standard, i was wishing my teacher "good morning sir". But end up with "gooooooooooooooooooo" and from that day my friends use to call me googuuugaga. Earlier i took it seriously but now i have found out the funnier part behind it.