Monday, February 28, 2011

My Toastmaster Experience (1st meet):-God sent Abdus Khan for me

As I told you guys earlier, I was the wordmaster in this week’s toastmaster meet i.e. I had to say a word and its meaning along with using the word in a sentence. Frankly I started my preparation on the day of my short speech(which was very irresponsible of me) in the morning and tried to practice till I reached the venue. In these .As this was my first meet, I was very very nervous. In every meet, a member becomes a toastmaster who has to conduct the whole meet and introduce every speaker and speak on the theme of the day. The toastmaster of the day was Mr Abdus Khan.As he started to speak, I was dumbstruck. The guy stammered in every single sentence. Imagine a pws with a severe stammer conducting the whole meet and that too with his head held high and with utmost charisma.And man o man I could just feel his confidence when I was sitting in the front row.
When I saw him speak, almost all of my anxiety vanished.I only had to speak for like,45 seconds, my stammer wasn’t as severe as his but still he was 1000 times confident than me.And he conducted the whole meet (1.5 hours long) wonderfully.
Ok,back to me, as I was called an stage, I started my short speech, I blocked majorly for 2 seconds on Good(mind you I could have gotten away by saying hello but I didn’t) and two other very minor blocks which were unnoticeable. One thing I was happy about was that I paused a lot as I had planned(I actually overdid it).I also spoke in a loud voice and speaking loudly really helps.
I had also asked Mr Jasbir(the man who made me join Tisa and Chandigarh shg) to record my speech. When I saw my speech, I was disappointed!!!! Not at the 3 blocks I had(1 major and 2 unnoticeable) but  at the way I gave my speech. It was pretty dull!!! The thing was, I was so much focused on being fluent and pausing that my speech lacked the excitement. My speech was monotonous like I a 10 year old boy reciting a poem.

Next week, I have volunteered to be the joke master(That’s right, I am not going to stop now),I  am going to be better prepared this time. I have already selected my joke and intend to start practicing by video recording myself and I will try my best this time not to be a fluent dull robot but an excited person telling a joke (stammer or no stammer, doesn’t matter)
I am also participating in the table topic contest to be held next week just to get the feel of a contest.

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