Monday, February 21, 2011

Maintain a diary !!!!!

This is a very simple and helpful practice and is the easiest to follow.Yet a very very few pws follow it.(I myself have started maintaining one only a few days back ).Now the question is-What you will write in the diary???? Answer-Whatever you feel like !!!  It needn't be only speech related.

Most of us (including the non-pws) know a little about our deep seated emotions,we know very little about our subconscious mind.Maintaining a diary is helpful because it makes you know yourself better.When you write,you pen down your emotions on paper.
Write in your diary when you get free in the evening and just open yourself  up.Think about your experiences of the day and try to re-collect what all was going on inside you at those particular times and write those feelings.It doesn't matter what you write and how you write it.You will realize that once you start writing,it will be difficult for you to stop as your mind exhibits millions of emotions,only you dont know about them.Also write about your experiences,both good and bad w.r.t. your stuttering and try to write what was going inside your mind at that particular moment.What was the difference in the good and the bad moments At first you may not be able to uncover your feelings but slowly you will begin to find answers and know yourself better.And the better you know your body,the more you have control on it.Once you start gaining control,you automatically begin to find answers to all your problems which previously used to haunt you.So just start writing away !!!!!

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  1. Dhruva..Yes you are absolutely right,keeping an archive of daily thoughts makes a person true to his/her feelings, our feeling whether they are good or bad have a lot of significance in life that affect not only us but our surrounding too (which include our near and dear one).

    Writing helps by giving a vent to the emotional commotion one is going through. There are many ways to keep the stress away and writing is one of them. One can make this habit public or private based on his/her comfort level.

    Kishore Bisht