Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just pause and chill out !!!!

What is your name(within a milli-second) Ddddddhruv.What? DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDhruv.This is a thing which I do everytime someone asks my name or just simply asks me a question.I try to answer even before the question is complete.I know,this is the case with most of you.
But do an experiment.The next time someone asks your name.Wait for 2 seconds,look the person in the eye and answer.You may stutter but it will be much much less and you will feel more under control.This is a simple technique called pausing.
I am always breathless while talking with someone but now I do try to pause a little in between the conversations.I don’t follow it most of the time,but I am trying hard.Pausing is a very simple,yet a very powerful  technique.It is even recommended by public speaking experts.It not only helps you to speak easily but also makes your speech more clear to the listener.I know this because I have a friend who speaks so fast that he finishes the whole sentence in one go.He doesn’t stammer but as a listener I would pretty much listen to a pws.
So,try pausing in between your sentences and you will feel the difference.And mind you,it  is not easy to follow(I ,myself am unable to follow it most of the time).It will take some time before you can master this art.So,just pause and relax.

PS-Right now,I am about to go to my first toastmaster meet as a member.I am the wordmaster today(I have to explain the meaning of a new word and use it in a sentence).I intend to use pausing in my speech.This reminds me of a new series I will be starting on my blog-“My Toastmaster Experience” in which I will be talking about my struggle at each meet.In this way,every week,we will discuss the public speaking aspect as well.

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