Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Introduction to what this Blog is all about

 Hi all !!!First of all I will introduce myself. I am Dhruva Kathuria,20 years age,an engineering student from India.I am a pws(person who stammers).You guys probably might be thinking that why should you follow yet another blog on stammering when already there are dozens of them on the net.Well this blog is different !!! It wont be just me who will be sharing my experiences with stuttering,but I will also publish posts from you guys,which you can send me on my e-mail id!!! I have my shares of ups and downs in life due  to my stutter and would like to share them with you as well as love to hear from you and what you have got to teach all pws in the world in this regard because i believe that every pws has valuable knowledge which  he/she should share with world.So this is not just  my blog , it belongs to all you guys as well !! I will also be posting links from other blogs and sites which i find useful.And please feel free to leave comments on every post,I would just love to hear from you. So let the blogging begin!!!!!

In case, you want to send any contribution ,my e-mail id is