Friday, February 18, 2011

I wish I was a kid again !!!

Though I had a stammer  since I can remember  but I never let It interfere with anything until I was in standard 8.Uptil then I never had a problem except for a few minor hiccups but I never let them get to me. I remember in standard 5,I was elected the head boy of the junior wing and I had to give a speech in front of the entire school. I gave a perfect speech because at that time I concentrated on what I said and not on How I said it. I wish I never left that mentality. After  standard 8, I became overly conscious about my stammer  and  made a mountain out of a mole hill by my constant avoidance and fear of speaking situations and slowly (due to my own fault) my stammer started controlling my life. I even started avoiding my own friends.
        The only people with whom I don’t stammer till date are with my parents;  because when I am with my parents my sub-conscious mind is still the same as it used to be when I was little. This is the only area (thank God) where I have made no changes in my mind.
But now I have realized my folly. I still day dream about the time when I was little and I didn’t think about my stutter even for a second and how relaxed I used to be. But still I have improved a lot compared to 2 months ago. Now I am trying my best to be the child I once was. I am constantly observing myself and I have stopped avoiding words. One thing more which I want to say is that never avoid speaking words which you have difficulty speaking because by doing this, you are creating problems for yourself in the long run. I am repenting now and It is taking me a lot of effort to remove this fear of certain words .e.g.- I started avoiding saying Good Morning as I had a problem with saying Good (or so I used to think) So instead I used to say Hello to everybody but then I realized how stupid I had been. Now I make it appoint to say Good Morning to anyone I see. I still haven’t perfected it but I am waiting for that day to come and I know that day is not far away.

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  1. Great post Dhruv! You have started on an amazing journey by sharing your experiences via this blog! nothing can be more liberating than writing1 And its amazing how at such a young age you can observe so many of your behavior and take corrective action! Keep writing and keep marching forward...god bless u!

  2. Congrats for your new blog, Mr. Dhruv,

    Keep writing.

    You're going on right path by trying not to allow your stammering control you.

    You've intelligent ideas. Rock this world with your ideas. Engineers can do miracles.
    Show to this world that no one , not even stammering, can stop your innovative ideas. You've greatly wonderful future. Try to give your best in your studies and you will surely get success.

    My best wishes with you.


  3. Great! Dhruva, I totally agree that FEAR of stammering is WORSE than stammering itself.. and most therapies available in India, only strengthen that fear..and this is why they fail in the long run. A little acceptance and voluntary stuttering can do wonders on the other hand- without costing thousands of rupees..
    Keep sharing your thoughts..

  4. Dhruva..!!!

    This is an amazing blog..You surely have a lots of ideas to share with us (I have read all the post). Reckon me as one of the regular visitor on this blog.

    I wish you will keep this blog interesting and informative for your readers :-)

    Good luck dear friend..take care.

    Kishore Bisht

  5. Thanks a lot for Mr JP,Mr Windstorm,Mr Sachin and Mr Kishore for your encouraging comments,It really motivates me a lot !!!! Thankyou again

    AND Rajesh,I feel honored that you are following my blog !!!