Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I will never give up even if God comes and tells me that stammering can't be cured

Previously when I used to read articles about stuttering being a genetic neurological disorder,I used to feel like I was in dumps and used to think that all my efforts were in vain given the fact there was something wrong with my brain which cant be cured and I could absolutely nothing about it.

But now whoever comes to me saying that I could never get better and that scientists are saying this and that will simply be shown the middle finger by me.I am not saying that the scientists are wrong or I dont accept that it can be a neurological defect but I am just saying that I dont care.I dont think some scientist(no matter how qualified he is )can just come in front of me and tell me that he knows my speech better than me.I believe every pws's stutter is different from the other and it is the pws who knows the best about it.So its stupid to think that you cant cure yourself just because a research says so.

Before the invention of the aeroplane,the common belief was "Humans are not meant to fly !!!"When the wright brothers made a failed attempt at flying everyone made fun of them and called them lunatics.But a year later they were the first in mankind to experience what it feels like to be a bird.If they had also given to the popular belief at that time,then you could forget about reaching London in less than a day.

20 years before who would have thought that a 17 year old, just 5.5'' tall boy named Sachin could dismantle the entire bowling team of any country and would make any bowler shit in his own pants.If sachin would have listened to others that he was too short to face fast deliveries and bouncers then team India would have never been the same.

So even if all the scientists boast that Stammering is genetic and neurological(and what not) and it cant be cured 100%,I would never give up even if I reach 99% because my will power and love for self is much greater than my brain defect .END OF DISCUSSION !!!!!

ADDED LATER-I want to point it out that I am not advocating running after fluency,I am just saying that you shouldnt lose heart and keep up your efforts to improve yourself on every front !!!!


  1. i'm also going through same kinds of thoughts when i came across a article in BSA website about the cause of stammering due to genes..
    there are many peoples who have effectively managed their speech like bruce wills,rithik roshan,gareth gates..why not us...
    we can do it...

  2. but in my view, if a pws run behind fluency and its cure....then he is on d wrong path...
    nobody is fluent in dis whol world..and yes it is a brain related problm...so instead of cure try to eliminate ur fear, shyness and shame asociated wid this...stamrng wil automaticaly run away....

  3. Yeah I totally agree with you,what I wanted to say was that a pws shouldnt stop improving himself just because it is a neurological disorder and stop trying leading to more shame and hate for self !!!

  4. all our life is much more than just fluency..
    we should sure work hard on communication.. but life is much more than fluency, so better not be concerned abt fluency..n no one is 100 % fluent..the problem with we pws is than even if we are attain 99% fluency at a time.. we think that the rest 1% is 99%.

  5. I couldnt agree with you more,I guess I wasnt able to properly project my feelings in this post,I am not advocating running after fluency but my main aim was to ensure that a pws never gets discouraged in life and adopts a never to quit attitude !!!!

    PS-I really liked the way ankit and shorn pointed out my mistake,thats what I want this blog to be all about-everyone learning from each other and pointing out his/her mistakes

  6. u said just ..just my thougts dhruva.thanks to give words to my thougts.