Friday, February 18, 2011

I dont want to be a mechanically speaking robot,I just want to be me !!!

As I mentioned earlier,I undertook speech therapy around 3 years ago in an attempt to cure my stutter.As is the case in most therapies(especially in India) I was taught to speak mechanically,use prefixes,etc.And I could even speak perfectly with these techniques,but something was amiss.I still couldnt feel as a normal speaker.I now know what was wrong.By applying these fluency techniques,I was forcing myself to be a speaking robot whose tone is so monotonous and boring that even I didnt like hearing it.In short,it wasnt me.Needless to say I used to forget speaking in that tone and started to stutter but I used to be much more at peace.Later I used to scold myself for forgetting the techniques but now I thank God I didnt change myself.
The point that I am trying to make here is that in your quest to achieve fluency,dont kill your true self and become a robot.I am not encouraging you to babble at an alarming speed,do talk slowly at a relaxed speed and take ypur pauses like most good orators do.Enjoy your speech.Dont talk in a monotonous tone and do wierd prolongations that you yourself dont like.
One thing more that my practioner taught me was using prefixes before feared words.At that time I thought"Wow!!! What an awsome technique!!!" But this approach is absolutely wrong.When you can say a feared word when you are alone,then you can say the same word in front of anyone out in the street.It just needs some dedication,hardwork and acceptance(and a bit voluntary stuttering,which I will be discussing later).

So to sum up,never lose contact with your true inner self by adding a new mechanical layer as this inner layer is directly attached to the holy spirit called God.

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