Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Do You React To Your Stammer/Stutter

Imagine a scenario.Your boss(or any other guy you feel intimidated by) comes right up to you and asks you to introduce yourself and you block like hell.How would you feel after that???? Most probably,you will curse yourself(and probably God) and keep brooding.I used to do the exact same thing until about two months ago.But now i have realized that this only aggravates the problem.By cursing myself and feeling depressed ,I was constantly feeding my sub-conscious mind with thoughts that I could never speak in front of the particular guy and slowly these thoughts turned into beliefs and my blocking just worsened.But for the past 2 months,I have changed this kind of thinking.Now whenever I stammer,I see this as a learning opportunity.An opportunity to observe my physical and mental state when I blocked and what different I was doing when i stammered.( I  choke my throat,close my eyes,etc)Also,I have started to observe my feelings when I anticipate nervous talking situations.And mind you,it helps,it really does help.Firstly,I am improving after each stutter and secondly I am a much happier person now who doesnt feel depressed  after every stutter.So every time you stutter,dont brood and curse yourself but observe what are you doing wrong,what is the difference in your physical and mental state when you stammer compared to when you feel relaxed and talk like any other guy !!! To make a change you need to delve in deeper,feel your subconscious mind and get a hold of your thoughts.And mind you it is a lot difficult than it seems.Most of the time you dont even know what happens to you when you stutter.So it will take some time before you get a hold of what you do differently when you block.Slowly you will be able to realize what exactly you are doing.I advise you should even write it down and keep reminding yourself that these habits should be avoided while talking. It will take some time and perseverance,but trust it will help you a lot!!!!

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