Thursday, February 24, 2011

Be Patient With Yourself !!!!!

As a pws you come across lots of techniques and advice about what all to do and what not to do (like I am giving one write now J).You select a few techniques and advices which you feel  address to your problem and you know that if you follow them, you will surely be on the path to success. You vow to follow these advices wherever you go!!!!! You feel it’s all set and done!!!

But what happens when you get too excited or when you enter a feared situation????You forget all that you had learnt and revert back to your old style and at the end of the day you feel dejected and think you are a good for nothing fellow as you can’t even follow a handful of techniques and advices !!!!

One thing you forget is that these old habits have been strengthened over so many years and have been deeply engraved in your sub-conscious mind. You do need to consistently work towards correcting your behaviors but don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail to do so !!!Give yourself credit that at least you are trying to go in the right direction. Be patient with yourself and give your subconscious the time it needs to change itself.
Don’t get too sad if you revert back to your old ways, after all you are a human being not a machine in which you just need to enter the techniques and advices and the job is done.Old habits die hard and new habits are harder to form !!! Don’t give up but also don’t get too depressed if you fail!!!!! Give your conscious the time it needs !!!!

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