Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Acknowledge the anxiety feelings when you approach a difficult speaking situation !!!!!

I am writing this as I have just experienced a difficult speaking situation.As you know I am doing my 4 months industrial training in L&T right now.My superior asked me to go to the main office and ask for a hard copy of The Road Programme.I want to share the feelings I had while walking from my room to the main office.I had these anxiety feelings which every pws has when he goes into a feared situation.I used to ignore these feelings but today I acknowledged them !!!! I observed my feelings and said to me that it is okay even if I stutter.The world doesn't care.Though the anxiety feeling didn't completely go away,it lessened a bit !!! I went straight up to the guy and asked what was required without making any substitutions.I did stutter on road but only 2 seconds tops.The guy as I guessed couldn't care less.He even started talking casually with me after that!!!!In all my stutter was very less compared to what I had anticipated !!!!!

So what I want to say is that never ignore the anxiety feelings you have when you are about to enter a feared situation.Acknowledge that they exist but dont let them control you !!!Instead try to persuade these feelings that it is okay even if I stammer because nobody cares and I believe if you keep on persuading these feelings every time you feel anxious ,then they will slowly fade away !!!!!!

I have started doing this from today,I hope you too will join me !!!!! Best of luck to all (including me).

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